No Longer Home

He pulled her hands before she could finally disappear in his life, and he pleaded “Please, its just one mistake”. She looked at him with melancholy in her eyes, crystals dancing on the periphery of her vision, but she told herself it will not gonna rain tonight. Then he spoke again, with sincerity in his touch he said “I’ve hurt you I know”.
“You know?”
“And I’m sorry for hurting you, let’s forget this please”

“Hurt? Why? Do you think if we got hurt we’ll just cry the pain, sleep and get over it?” she said as she moved closer to him “Do you think when you hurt me, I will just cry and sleep and get over it? No”
And it echoes in the empty hallway, lingering with the wind, swaying into the coldness of the evening.

“I hope it’s that easy. But no”
“I’m sorry”
“It’s just a mistake yeah? But that mistake will still remind us, forever, that once in our life, in the heart of the person we love, we’re not enough”
“I’m sorry” he uttered once again

Suddenly, their happy memories dances in her mind, she smiled at the thoughts, but a sad curve formed on her lips. He tried to touch her, to make her feel this will not happen again. But there’s already that invisible wall building between them.

“You promised, remember? You’ll never hurt me? You promised”
After she said those words, she’s no longer home. And he let her go with both of their hearts turned stone cold.

Words by No one saves you

Model: Marina Paquin
Hair & Makeup: Marina Paquin
Photographer: Ryan Nolan

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